Office Cleaning Services

In today’s environment, office maintenance is considered an important aspect in creating an impeccable image of your company. A clean work environment attests not only to the success and wellbeing of your firm, but to your regard for your potential clients and your employees. Normally, cleaning companies have better qualified personnel and have at their disposal more professional equipment than internal housekeeping teams have, which certainly produces better results.

Your business partners as well as important clients and investors will be impressed when they see that your employees are fully involved with their jobs in a neat and tidy environment, resulting in higher credibility and respect for your company. Our office services can be applied unilaterally – before an important event such as a conference or special visitors, as also on a permanent contractual on-going basis. An important aspect of our office cleaning policy is the fact that we use tested and safe cleaning agents that have been proven harmless for the people that dwell in those facilities. «ROХAN»Inc. provides janitorial services for facilities regardless of size or function. We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our services.