Post Remodeling Clean up

«ROХAN» Inc. offers post remodeling cleanup services in residential, commercial, and manufacturing facilities, as well as in all their surrounding territory. This work, however, is one of the most complex as well as the most costly. Regardless of the client-enumerated suggestions, post-remodeling cleanup includes an array of responsibilities which involves dealing with virtually all aspects and surfaces.

This can be accomplished given three factors: professional personnel, current technologies, and ecologically tested cleaning materials. Our employees will efficiently and effectively deal with abandoned debris, any spots from dripping paint, and dust residue on walls, windowsills, ceiling and furniture, which usually remain after any remodeling project. To accomplish this we use modern equipment, which include shampooing and steam vacuums, as well as cleaning fluids especially designated for such work, etc. «ROХAN» specialists can help you save time while receiving high quality professional services after your remodeling ventures. Our manager will gladly come to your facility to give you, a free estimate for your projects.