Apartment and Cottage Housekeeping Services

This is one of the most widespread professional housekeeping services, and it differs fundamentally from any individual efforts. Using ecologically safe, allergen tested cleaning agents, these skilled professionals safeguard the safety and wellbeing of the family.  A team of trained experts employs newest methods to bring about long-term order and tidiness in order to safeguard and protect your furniture and the interior of your apartment.

Any dwelling requires regular good care and maintenance. Therefore housekeeping is essential not only to maintain it free of trash, dust, dirt, germs, microbes and bacteria, but first and foremost to provide a pleasant living environment for all those that reside there. Cottage maintenance is rather complicated because first of all it involves a larger territory with frequently unique architectural elements, utilizing contemporary materials that require special care and attention. Not just anyone can provide professional quality services when dealing with relief structural surfaces cleaning of facades and loggia. Taking advantage of “Roxan” housekeeping services is ideal for those who desire to live in a cozy and tidy environment and values and enjoys their leisure time. Our services are very popular with those clients whose apartments or cottages have undergone comprehensive remodeling. Once the refurbishment works are done, our team of experts will come and ready your premises for your occupancy. The Manager of our company will gladly meet with you at a time convenient for you to assess free of charge, the terms of your project.

“Roxan” Co. is offering Apartment or Cottage Housekeeping Services on a one-time or on-going basis.