Grounds Maintenance

The territory surrounding your home, office or shopping center should always look neat and tidy because it creates your primary image. Attractive surroundings confirm success and wellbeing of the owners. As potential clients enter your facility, they already make their decision regarding their collaboration with you. Well-kept lawns, and neatly washed sidewalks and roads certainly create an atmosphere of comfort and well being around your building.

«ROХAN» specialists will see to it that such services are done with the utmost care and professionalism. Grounds maintenance includes not only basic urban rubbish removal, but also flowerbed and lawn care, upkeep of small architectural objects, building facades, fences, screens, sculptures, and fountains, etc. We provide the ultimate care for your territory by removing all dust, fallen leaves and other debris, which might otherwise mar your general aesthetic look. Hosing down your sidewalks and roads, sanitary care of your lawns and shrubs only enhances your look. During the winter we make sure that your sidewalks and roads are cleared of snow and ice by carting away the snow and sprinkling your walkways and driveways with anti-icing substances, making your territory safe and look neat and well groomed. «ROХAN» Inc. will see to it that your entire territory is kept tidy, at the same time saving you time and money.