Washing windows, shop windows, show cases and facades

«ROХAN» Inc. offers cleaning services for apartment,  shop front windows and facades of offices, show cases, billboards and advertising displays. It’s not an easy task to properly wash plastic apartment, office, or shop windows, so it’s best left for professionals. We will be more than happy to assume this responsibility. Our specialists will efficiently and inexpensively wash your plastic windows, covered balconies, and terraces.

We use special cleaning fluids that are not only very effective in obtaining the desirable results, but are also safe for the environment and for all those that dwell there. The price is determined by the size and intricacy, height and accessibility of the structures. The cost will certainly be paid off by the quality and longevity. Most people who live in high-rise apartments appreciate out services and represent our most frequent customers. Maintenance Co. «ROХAN»is highly professional and can expertly accomplish any given task. Our professionalism and high standards can solve the most challenging problems, which will certainly save you valuable time, while attaining excellent results. Our Manager can visit your site at your convenience and can, cost free, evaluate any of your projects.