Pool and Sauna Maintenance

Pool cleaning is a rather complex set of procedures, required to maintain your pool free of grime and dirt. These efforts are essential so you can fully enjoy your pool. It is recommended to use professional cleaning services so that they might perform these indispensible sanitary and hygienic procedures. Most pool owners are quite familiar with such ‘problems’ as tile grout deterioration, and calcium and lime deposits. 

The first step usually involves draining and drying the pool, after which our specialist diligently scrub the pool surfaces, followed by deep cleaning of the grout, using special substances that get rid of surface dirt and calcium deposits. Special care is given to safeguard the basic pool surfaces. The cleaning fluids used contain special active anti-bacterial components that are in compliance with all sanitary and safety requirements. Sauna maintenance, also involves unique circumstances, since the wooden surfaces might lose their attractive natural appearance if they are not maintained on a regular basis. It is quite important to scrub a sauna on a weekly basis. This will extend the life and safety of this facility, so favored by all enthusiasts and sportsmen, by many years. It is therefore imperative to employ the services of professional specialists, which our Company, «ROХAN» will be more than happy to recommend to you. Our Manager will be happy to provide you free of charge, with our quote for these services.