Contractual Cleaning Services

Contractual cleaning services are an ideal choice for such establishments as office buildings, business and shopping centers, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, commercial entertainment complexes, warehouses and manufacturing centers. A clean and neat office and its surrounding territory, as well as the whole commercial site create a positive image for any given enterprise. A clean and healthy environment also positively affects the efficiency and wellbeing of the employees. 

Often such facilities are opened around the clock, and the ever-present personnel create complications in maintaining these facilities. It is therefore important to combine excellence and the efficiency of such services. The cleaning company “ROХAN” offers such services on a contractual basis. While cleaning shopping centers (stores and supermarkets) our employees observe the basic rule of being extremely sensitive to the surrounding public. “ROХAN” employees are not only well chosen and well trained; they look neat and do not interfere with the operation of the facility. Their special uniforms, inconspicuous and courteous behavior while maintaining the cleanliness of your environment, only add to the prestige of your organization. You can be free to concentrate on your business at hand, without wasting any extra time on maintenance, knowing that your facilities and your surrounding territory are in good hands.